My experience with Breville je98xl juice fountain plus

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

Would you like to experience the pleasure of drinking freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices in the morning but cannot decide upon the juicer? Then I would highly recommend Breville je98xl. It is powerful, has two speed controls, a filter basket, food pushes and what is more significant it doesn’t require any additional skills and instructions to start using it.

General Information

Breville je98xl juice fountain plus with 850 Watt motor is a very popular model among customers and perhaps that’s the reason why I have decided to try it too. My grounds for that were simple: it is affordable and is capable of competing with even some higher priced models. Apart from that it is very easy to use. All I should do is to just take a fruit/vegetable (no need to cut into small pieces), push into a chute and the juicer will do the rest of the job in several minutes. After the drink is ready, I usually clean the machine – the process that takes only 1-2 minutes. Therefore, in the morning, when I rush to work but wish to receive so necessary energy, the process of making the most delicious drink does not take longer than 10 minutes (including drinking and cleaning).


  • easy to use – no additional instructions are needed to understand how to use this particular juicer;
  • quick to clean – the juicer consists of several removable parts which are dishwasher safe;
  • very powerful – I have compared Breville je98xl with other juicers in this range, and can state that it definitely is the most powerful of all;
  • reasonable price – as for me, it is very affordable and consequently suitable for absolutely every pocket;


  • Noise – we all know that every juicer produces noise and Breville je98xl is not an exception. It is not even about the noise but about the vibrations it makes. Personally for me, compared to other models, it is not that loud;
  • Efficiency – generally the efficiency is pretty good, yet it happens that I need to undergo more rounds of juicing than it is stated;

Bottom Line: What to look for when buying a centrifugal juicer

As a beginner, you might be at a loss, and wouldn’t know what to look for when buying a centrifugal juicer, yet the pros I have mentioned above are major features one should look for when buying a centrifugal juicer. Additionally to that I can only add that if you are really a fan of juices and are always in a hurry, then Breville je98xl is exactly what you need as it is the quickest juicer ever. Of course, I cannot compare it to expensive models, but all its parts are long-lasting, sturdy and will definitely serve you for minimum several years. So, don’t lose an opportunity to purchase a great juicer at the most affordable price.

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